Monthly Archives: January 2012

My Dream Dinner

Here’s our entry into the Appliances Online Cookers Yummy Food competition.

I sure hope I win!!! 🙂

My Hair

Every morning before school my mommy brushes my hair. Many times it is a big tangled mess!

I’m not sure how it gets so tangled at night, but I have one idea.

First, I fall asleep in bed, looking something like this.

See how sleepy I am? I’m not doing anything — just sleeping. Minding my own business.

But my hair has other plans.

This is what my hair decides to do after I fall asleep.

And that’s why I wake up in the morning looking like this.

I have one other (slightly less-likely) idea, but it involves monkeys and hedgehogs wrestling in my bed.

Bundling Up

I really hope we get some snow soon. This is what happens when it snows.

First, I see it when I look out the window. SNOW!! Yay!!!!!!!!

I run to grab my hat!

…and gloves!

…and scarf! Boots! This is going to be GREAT!!!!!

Then I put on my snow suit!!! Playing in snow is SOOO much FUN!!!

This is going to be totally AWESOME!!!!!!!


Finally!!!!! Time to go outside and PLAY!!!!!