Why My Daddy is Totally Awesome

You know how most kids ask for toys or games for Christmas? I think it’s a lot more fun to ask for interesting things like an alarm clock with bells on top, a typewriter*, or even a record player.

This year, I asked for something even more interesting.

I asked my daddy for a binder for Christmas. Yes, a binder. Because a binder would be totally awesome. I can draw comics in a binder! And write poems in a binder! And show off my artwork IN A BINDER! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first, this was my Dad’s response.

So I laid on the charm extra thick.

Then he said …

And that’s why my daddy is totally awesome!

PS: Thank you for the binder AND CLIPBOARD, Daddy!!!!!!!!!!

* Santa gave me a typewriter last year. It rocks. Just sayin’.

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