The Easter Bunny Goes Fishing

My favorite food is tuna fish. I love love LOVE tuna fish!!!!! So much so, that last year I sat down at my typewriter to write a letter to the Easter Bunny.

I asked the Easter Bunny to please give me a can of tuna fish in my Easter basket. I love tuna fish even more than I love candy! It’s THAT yummy!! Know what’s better than one can of tuna fish? TWO cans of tuna fish!

So…… The night before Easter, I went to bed andĀ dreamtĀ of what might be in my Easter basket.

Lovely, isn’t it?

I also dreamt that the Easter Bunny, after reading my letter, would look like this.

Do any other kids write letters to the Easter Bunny? Have any kids ever asked for tuna fish? Would the Easter Bunny know what to do????????

I’m not sure what happened next, but it might have been this.

Because the next morning, I found an Easter basket with my name on it that looked like this!

So that’s how I know the Easter Bunny goes fishing.

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