I Told You So

I have a teacher at school, we’ll call her Ms. X.

I keep asking Ms. X if she has seen my super-awesome blog, hoping that one day she will say, “Yes! I did! It is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I shared your awesome blog with all of my friends!!”!

This is usually her response.

Lame, right? Know what’s not much fun? Not using the computer for fun!

So one day I said to her…

Well, I don’t think those were my exact words. I think I actually said something more like this…

You know, casually asking if she had seen it. I might have mentioned that she can pull it up by going to a web browser typing in “www.treehousecity.com”, and that she should prepare to see something unlike anything else she has ever seen before………

But so far she hasn’t seen it. Boo!!!!

This is what I hope will happen if/when Ms. X decides to look at my awesome blog.

Just so I could say…

And then I would totally talk her into subscribing to my feed.

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