Why I LOVE Going to the Dentist

The first reason why I love going to the dentist is GETTING PRIZES at the end!!! Let’s face it, the dentist has a totally awesome box of prizes unlike any other prize box you’ve ever seen.

dentist1Another reason to adore the dentist’s office is the play corner in the waiting room. At my dentist’s office, it looks like a super cute little house and has a variety of toys I love to play with! But sometimes I don’t get to play in there because the wait is not very long… *sigh*


There is no better feeling than walking out of the dentist’s office with a sparkling clean set of choppers! Here’s a pic of me with my pearly whites. Try not to blind yourself.


Have you ever tried the awesome toothpaste flavors at the dentist’s office?? When the¬†hygienist¬†offered me cotton candy toothpaste, I was like, “Awwww yeaaaaahhhh!!!”. That stuff is like candy in my mouth!!! Without the risk of cavities. Yummm.


And don’t forget the little treat bag with… wait for it…… a NEW toothbrush!!!

And that adorable tiny tube of toothpaste. So cute!!


And that is why I love going to the dentist. So you shouldn’t be afraid. Just sayin’.

The End.

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