What Kids Really Want for Christmas

Are you wondering what to get your kids for Christmas this year? Want the expert opinion of the latest and greatest must-have Christmas gift ideas from an 8 year old? Here’s a list of what kids REALLY want for Christmas.

1. Homework Machine — It’s quite simple, really. This little contraption does all of your child’s homework for him. Simply place the homework assignment into the input slot, and the homework machine takes the paper through a series of homework completing actions. I really want one of these for Christmas. And I can totally picture myself relaxing in a lounge chair while the homework machine chugs away. This is what it looks like.


2. Rainbow Cat That Can Fly — This suggestion comes from my 4 year old sister, and I have to agree that a rainbow cat that can grow wings and fly would be pretty awesome.


3. Magic Wand (with real magic) — For the kid who already has everything, why not gift him with a magic wand that has real magic? He can use the wand to make just about any toy or gift he can imagine. I’m thinking money, yes?


4. MORE Date Nights with Daddy — I like going on date nights and spending time with Daddy. Just me and him. Go to the bookstore, the movies, or just out for cookies & milk. You can never go wrong with date nights!


And that’s what kids really want for Christmas.

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