Toilet Trees

I was packing my bags for a weekend at my grandparents house. I had already packed my pajamas, underwear, socks, clothes, shoes… almost everything. And then my mom asked if I had packed up my “toilet trees”.

Immediately, this came to mind:


Umm…. why do I need to pack up a tree growing out of a toilet????? No, that can’t be right.

Maybe she meant something more like this:


But that didn’t seem right either. My grandparents have their own toilet at their house, so it’s not like I need to pack up my own toilet to bring over there! Also, I’m pretty sure toilets don’t grow on trees.

So then I asked….


And I learned that “toiletries” are actually the kinds of things like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

But a tree growing out of the toilet would be SO much more exciting. Don’t you think so?

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