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Learning to Count

When I was really little, my daddy tried to teach me how to count.

We have a bear counting set that has lots of little plastic bears in different colors to practice counting and sorting.

They are super cute!

My dad would take one out of the container, place it on the table and start counting.

After a few bears, he would ask….

But the bears are SO CUTE!! Super-cute!!!!!

I couldn’t resist! I would look like this at the other end of the table…

I would make them talk to each other. Because really. Two bears?? How could they not go on a picnic and chat about the weather?!

Who cares about counting when you have two super cute bears who need to have a picnic?

I don’t think my dad understood that these bears needed to talk.

And that’s why I learned to count with dried beans instead.


Why My Daddy is Totally Awesome

You know how most kids ask for toys or games for Christmas? I think it’s a lot more fun to ask for interesting things like an alarm clock with bells on top, a typewriter*, or even a record player.

This year, I asked for something even more interesting.

I asked my daddy for a binder for Christmas. Yes, a binder. Because a binder would be totally awesome. I can draw comics in a binder! And write poems in a binder! And show off my artwork IN A BINDER! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first, this was my Dad’s response.

So I laid on the charm extra thick.

Then he said …

And that’s why my daddy is totally awesome!

PS: Thank you for the binder AND CLIPBOARD, Daddy!!!!!!!!!!

* Santa gave me a typewriter last year. It rocks. Just sayin’.