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Mommy vs. Daddy — Spiders

My mommy and daddy have very different reactions to spiders. This is what my mom looks like whenever she sees a spider:


Usually, she screams and yells something like, “HUGE spider!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!!”, then she runs out of the room waving her arms around in the air.

This is what happens when my dad sees a spider in the house:


His hidden super hero cape comes out, and he likes to trap them and let them go outside. I’ve watched him catch some HUGE spiders this way!

Winner of this round is……. Daddy!!!!

Stay tuned next week when we explore Mommy vs. Daddy — Making Oatmeal…

Toilet Trees

I was packing my bags for a weekend at my grandparents house. I had already packed my pajamas, underwear, socks, clothes, shoes… almost everything. And then my mom asked if I had packed up my “toilet trees”.

Immediately, this came to mind:


Umm…. why do I need to pack up a tree growing out of a toilet????? No, that can’t be right.

Maybe she meant something more like this:


But that didn’t seem right either. My grandparents have their own toilet at their house, so it’s not like I need to pack up my own toilet to bring over there! Also, I’m pretty sure toilets don’t grow on trees.

So then I asked….


And I learned that “toiletries” are actually the kinds of things like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

But a tree growing out of the toilet would be SO much more exciting. Don’t you think so?

Look, Ma! I’m on Your Blog!

I wrote a little guest post on my mom’s blog to share 10 of my favorite tips for a successful lemonade stand. HA! You didn’t know that I had a lemonade stand, did you? See that, I’m just full of surprises!

Anyway, I hope you like it!

Check it out over at Inner Child Fun (leave a comment over there and I’ll answer any questions you may have too)!