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Look, Ma! I Can Juggle!

My Uncle Glenn is a really good juggler, so last weekend I asked him to show me how to juggle. He said it takes a LOT of practice, but I must have inherited the juggling gene because it came super easy to me!

I started off with two tennis balls. No sweat!

So I went to three… Easy peasy!


So I ran to show my parents!!! I was like, “Mom! Dad! Look!!!! Look at me!! I can JUGGLE!!!”

And they were all, “WOOOOWWWWWW!!!!”

And I was like, “It’s so EASY!!!”

You didn’t really think I could juggle, did you?

My Hair

Every morning before school my mommy brushes my hair. Many times it is a big tangled mess!

I’m not sure how it gets so tangled at night, but I have one idea.

First, I fall asleep in bed, looking something like this.

See how sleepy I am? I’m not doing anything — just sleeping. Minding my own business.

But my hair has other plans.

This is what my hair decides to do after I fall asleep.

And that’s why I wake up in the morning looking like this.

I have one other (slightly less-likely) idea, but it involves monkeys and hedgehogs wrestling in my bed.


In the Spring, my family plants a big garden.

I was really little when I first learned that when you plant carrot seeds, you get CARROTS.

And when you plant cucumber seeds, you get CUCUMBERS.

And when you plant green bean seeds, you get…. GREEN BEANS!!

So one day my mom and I went to the park to feed the birds.

We walked for awhile, and then I had a totally AWESOME idea!!!!!!!

I stopped to do some digging. My mom asked me…

It didn’t work.