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Pros & Cons of Having a Cold

I stayed home from school for a few days because when I woke up one morning, I had a nasty cold.

This is what I looked like:

Not a fun way to spend a week, right?

Pro: At first, I was like…

Woo hoo! No School!!! This is going to be totally awesome!

Con: Then, I remembered that if I don’t go to school, that also means…

No gym class. Boo! I really like gym class.

Pro: Whenever I’m not feeling well, it’s one of the very rare times that my parents let me do this…

Con: But it is hard to play video games when I’m constantly doing this…

Pro: It is always nice to read Get Well cards…

Bonus Pro: Finally getting over that cold and starting to feel better!!!!

Con: Passing along my germs to my sister who woke up the next day looking like this…

Sorry, Clara!!!

Trick Question

In school, we are learning how to count money. For homework, I had to solve a word problem.

That’s one nice looking duck!


Hmmmm…. that depends………

She better not put it on her credit card either!!!!

My Hair

Every morning before school my mommy brushes my hair. Many times it is a big tangled mess!

I’m not sure how it gets so tangled at night, but I have one idea.

First, I fall asleep in bed, looking something like this.

See how sleepy I am? I’m not doing anything — just sleeping. Minding my own business.

But my hair has other plans.

This is what my hair decides to do after I fall asleep.

And that’s why I wake up in the morning looking like this.

I have one other (slightly less-likely) idea, but it involves monkeys and hedgehogs wrestling in my bed.